What Is Commercial Cleaning

If you have ever heard of commercial cleaning, you may be wondering what makes it commercial and whether you may need those services. Here is some more information to help you to understand whether you need this type of cleaning.

What does commercial mean?

Commercial cleaning does not necessarily refer to companies which take charge of cleaning services in order to make a living. The word ‘commercial’ actually refers to a type of cleaning which can be done. It is similar to residential cleaning, but it is different in many other ways. In this setting, the word ‘commercial’ refers to cleaning which takes place at a workplace or at business premises.

Depending on your location, this type of cleaning may be regulated by law, so that minimum standards are maintained, and that the health and safety of clients and employees are safeguarded.

What types of properties are considered to be commercial?

There are a lot of different properties that fall under the commercial properties umbrella, from buildings such as offices, garages, and car parks, to schools, hospitals, and prisons.

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Although some of these are public spaces, they still require a different type of cleaning to help to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Almost any space where people are employed to work can be considered as a commercial place, as opposed to a residential place.

Therefore, if you are in charge of making sure that your workplace is clean, then you may want to consider getting in contact with a company that specializes in cleaning commercial venues.

What does commercial cleaning entail that is so different?

In this type of cleaning, the staff must follow a lot of different codes and processes to ensure that they meet legislation standards, as well as matching customer expectations.

The types of materials that these workers are expected to work with are also very different. For example, they may be expected to clean up the hazardous waste which has been created as part of an industrial process, or they may have to clean up hard to handle stains, such spilled oil or grease.

Therefore, the types of cleaning products that are used tend to be tougher and may even need to be bought from special suppliers. In the majority of instances, this type of cleaning is also conducted on a bigger scale, as commercial properties tend to be bigger than residential ones. This means the equipment may also be a lot bigger too.

Now you understand what “commercial” refers to in “commercial cleaning”, you will be able to understand whether you need it. You can get more information from commercial cleaning in the area of Clarksville Tennessee on our commercial cleaning page.

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