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Here you can read some of the customer reviews for Adam and Annie’s cleaning service, Hopkinsville KY


REVIEW my mom is a bad hoarder and in need of serious help . I called several places and no one wanted to touch this place let alone come out to look at it. I called this company and we set up a time and they come out took a look several times and we discussed a price and how long it probably would take to get this place in shape, and they really made me feel comfortable in a bad situation. and they didn’t judge us.. very caring and professional .thanks for all you do.. !!!

REVIEW! I had just got out of hospital and needed my home cleaned and called around and the ones I called seem to feel bothered by my call and not really interested in doing the job, so I found adam & Annie’s cleaning and called and they were very nice polite and interested in what I had asked even though she told me that they were booked up that day ,I had explained it was an emergency to have it done that day , they had juggled there day to be able to come and clean my home that day!!! God Bless You Both !!!!

REVIEW! we had called a carpet cleaning company and scheduled a cleaning time .but they never showed up.. And we needed the carpets and upholstery cleaned before my mom got home. so we called at the last minute and had Adam & Annie to see if they could come and do the job ? And they didn’t let us down ! when they left the place looked and smelt wonderful..

REVIEW! the amount of help that you gave us ended more than half of that nightmare and I thank you so much for that!! I can’t find the words to say except thank you both!

REVIEW! Outstanding! Company!!!!!!!!!

REVIEW! This couple is very professional and they are very thorough in their cleaning. They are very honest and hardworking, they don’t stop till the work is done. We have called them several times now and will continue to call them, and will refer them to friends and family. A+++++++++++

REVIEW! A few months ago I went to garland Nissan with my friend to have his car worked on and I saw the nasty and dirty waiting room . and I was discussed as to how dirty that place was . I was dreading going back to garland Nissan to look at vehicles with my friend. but when we went in the place I had noticed it smelt and looked great ! I asked a person if they got a new cleaning company ? and they said yes , I asked who they were and he said they are called adam & annies cleaning . all I got to say is garland got it right this time..

REVIEW! Every other week when they come in it’s clean the next day. I have not had any complaints. They do the job well. They have a key to the building and they are trust worthy. They are very professional, great to work with and they present themselves well. I would recommend using their services.

REVIEW! They do a great job and I have never had any problems with them. I have used their services for a year now. They are great to work with and always taken care of us if we need anything. If we have any questions they get right back to us. They will make any adjustments if we need it. They walk through everything in detail and let us know what they will do and what we need and work and is expected.

REVIEW! Adam & Annie’s Cleaning Services do a very good job. I have been using their cleaning services for about a year. They do everything they are asked to do and show up when they are supposed to. They follow up with us every week and let us know how things are going. They are both very friendly and detailed oriented. They will let us know if there any additional fees. So far we have not incurred any. I would recommend using them.

REVIEW! They go beyond your expectations. The work they do is exceptional. You can tell they care about their job and are always here on time. Compared to last company we used, Adam & Annie’s Cleaning Services is a completely different service. There is no comparison. I started using their services the beginning of this year. They are accommodating with their scheduling. They look out for us pretty well. I would recommend them.

REVIEW Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Adam and Annie’s cleaning were great!! They arrived before their scheduled time and went beyond expectations in making sure the cleaning was done completely and thoroughly. Thanks for a great job!!!

REVIEW Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Adam and Annie’s cleaning were great!! Everyone was pleased with the work looked good thanks for a job well done

Comments:Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services It was my 1st time hiring a cleaning service and I’m so glad I did , I called adam and annies ,they were amazing nice and professional they were on time and made me feel comfortable and did an amazing job .. I will definitely call them again.

Comments: very friendly and trustworthy couple , I will definitely call them again.

Comments: Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Services We had called around and made an appointment with another cleaning service , in which they were a little high but they never showed up, So we called Adam & Annie’s and they were on time and very professional they helped me tremendously and on a short notice .

Comments: Your company had done a home for my friend and she highly recommend you all …. And let me just say that you all didn’t disappoint me….. A++++++++++++++++++++++ !!!!!! Definitely will be calling you all back. CJ.

Comments: Just had our first cleaning. They are excellent and thorough with positive attitudes and good sense of humor. They were kind to our (too many) pets and worked well with our disabled son. Highly recommended!.


Comments: my house passed inspection thanks 5 Stars

Comments: The absolute most stressful part of moving out of our apartment was finding a professional carpet cleaner. Everyone is so expensive and you just don’t know what to expect. Adam and Annie’s Cleaning Service did the job for an amazing price. They were so nice to me and my daughter, and most importantly they did a wonderful job!

Comments: This company(Adam & Annie’s) started cleaning for our office 5 yrs ago and I’m moving and i’m taking them with me ! and when I moved out of my home they again did a wonderful job !!! I don’t need to ever look for another cleaning service ! Janice

REVIEW company(Adam & Annie’s) started cleaning for our office 5 yrs ago and I’m moving and i’m taking them with me ! and when I moved out of my home they again did a wonderful job !!! I don’t need to ever look for another cleaning service ! 5+ *******

One word A*M*A*Z*I*N*G* !

Comments: I was nervous about hiring a cleaning company into my home and other homes that I have on the market , But Adam & Annie’s Cleaning Service was very professional straight to the point . And they didn’t let me down . Priced right and excellent profesionalism . Well definetly keep them into my business. Thanks for easing my mind. mjm

Comments: 5 stars for your company ,my husband had surprised me with a whole house clean from adam & annies and when I came home I was very surprised at how my home looked and smelt very clean . deejay

REVIEW 1) had 2 different cleaning services come to our place and then wasnt satisified with there service so we called Adam & Annie’s they came prompty and told us what they would do for the less amount . and it floored us and we were not dissatisfied we will definetly be calling them back . you have 5 stars from us . jp
2) no disappointment with adam & annies cleaning = 5 stars
3) very professional couple and hard workers – 5 stars
4) they came out and did my carpet 2 years ago and they came back and did not disapoint me . 5 stars
5) this company is TOP NOTCH Above the rest 5 stars
6) very reliabe , professional, thorough, hard workers = 5 stars
7) WOW ! Excellent work ! 5 stars !

Comments: This company rocks! G Barnett
This was a lot of hard work , Glad I choose this company 5 stars
Wow look at that carpet and just had stanley steamer come out and tell me nothing can be done with it. Terance 5 stars from me.

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